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Welcome to the Melkonian Laboratory
Microalgal research at the University of Cologne
Culture Collection of Algae at the University of Cologne (CCAC)
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Master of Biological Sciences
IMES: International Master of Environmental Sciences
Offers for Student Research Projects including Theses
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Get to know the group! Here we provide an insight into our research activities on MICROALGAE. Find out more about our projects in cell biology, molecular phylogeny, evolution & systematics and in bio- & environmental technology.
A complete list of Michael Melkonian's scientific publications in journals and books, as well as some disclosed patents.
This section contains courses with participation of our lab in the present (and upcoming) semester. Interested students will find some offers for research projects (lab practical, thesis projects) as well.
Protist is a leading journal in the field of protist research. Find more information about the journal, the latest TOCs and instructions for authors here.
Contact the group! eMail addresses, phone numbers & other contact details of all the current and some of the former group members.
Here you'll find photos & announcements for group members and the latest schedule for the group seminar. Password required!
A link collection to some important algae-related websites. In a special section dozens of URL's with a focus on molecular phylogeny were provided by Kerstin Hoef-Emden.
Apr 11 Coccomyxa melkonianii, a new microalgal species from Sardinia, Italy
Protist 167 (2)
Mar 02 Evolution of nitric oxide synthase-like proteins in the plant kingdom
Feb 29 Functional and Structural Diversity of LOV Domain Photoreceptors
Feb 02 Protist 167 (1)
Jan 21 CCAC adds 344 new strains to its public collection
last webpage update: 2016-04-11
Spermatozopsis similis, one of the model organisms studied in our lab.