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Projects for students
Sommersemester 16
Wintersemester 15/16
Offers for Student Research Projects: BSc/MSc/PhD


Our laboratory offers a wide selection of research projects for students.

Research Projects (Theses) for the following courses are offered :

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (3 months)
  • Master of Biological Sciences (6 months)
  • Students of Teachers Courses (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education) (experimental thesis)

Lab Projects

In addition we offer modules (3 weeks) for students of the Bachelor Course (praxisorientierte Lehrveranstaltungen), and project modules (6 weeks) for students of the Master Course in Biological Sciences.


Topics for any of the above student research or lab modules can be chosen from our two main research areas:

  • Phylogeny, Systematics, Evolution, Biodiversity
  • Bio- and Environmental Technologies

of Microalgae

If you are interested in a research project or lab or project module, please contact Professor Michael Melkonian either by e-mail (michael.melkonian@uni-koeln.de) or personally (office hour: Wednesday 11-12 a.m., Botany Department, Cologne Biocenter, Zülpicher Str. 47 b).