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Protist 2017
Volume 168 · Number 5

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Fritz-Schaudinn- Award


Original Papers


Anaeramoebidae fam. nov., a Novel Lineage of Anaerobic Amoebae and Amoeboflagellates of Uncertain Phylogenetic Position
P. Táborský, T. Pánek and I. Čepička


Gametogenesis and Auxospore Development in the Bipolar Centric Diatom Brockmanniella brockmannii (Family Cymatosiraceae)
B. Samanta, M.E. Kinney, Q. Heffell, J.M. Ehrman and I. Kaczmarska


The Protistan Microbiome of Grassland Soil: Diversity in the Mesoscale
P.C. Venter, F. Nitsche, A. Domonell, P. Heger and H. Arndt


Taxonomic Implications of Morphological Complexity Within the Testate Amoeba Genus Corythion from the Antarctic Peninsula
T.P. Roland, M.J. Amesbury, D.M. Wilkinson, D.J. Charman, P. Convey, D.A. Hodgson, J. Royles, S. Clauß and E. Völcker


Ultrastructure and Phylogeny of Kirithra asteri gen. et sp. nov. (Ceratoperidiniaceae, Dinophyceae) — a Free-Living, Thin-Walled Marine Photosynthetic Dinoflagellate from Argentina
P.V. Boutrup, Ø. Moestrup, U. Tillmann and N. Daugbjerg


Revision of the Genus Micromonas Manton et Parke (Chlorophyta, Mamiellophyceae), of the Type Species M. pusilla (Butcher) Manton & Parke and of the Species M. commoda van Baren, Bachy and Worden and Description of Two New Species Based on the Genetic and Phenotypic Characterization of Cultured Isolates
N. Simon, E. Foulon, D. Grulois, C. Six, Y. Desdevises, M. Latimier, F. Le Gall, M. Tragin, A. Houdan, E. Derelle, F. Jouenne, D. Marie, S. Le Panse, D. Vaulot and B. Marin


Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Aggregata spp. Frenzel 1885 (Apicomplexa: Aggregatidae) in Octopus vulgaris Cuvier 1797 (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) from Central Mediterranean
P. Tedesco, C. Gestal, K. Begić, I. Mladineo, S. Castellanos-Martínez, G. Catanese, A. Terlizzi and G. Fiorito