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Fritz-Schaudinn- Award



The Fritz Schaudinn Award was announced in 2002 (Protist 153: 1) to commemorate the foundation of the Archiv für Protistenkunde by Fritz Schaudinn in 1902, thus celebrating 100 years of publication of the journal. The award is given to the best original paper published in volumes 153 and 154 (2002 and 2003) of Protist and is endowed with US$ 2,000 and commemorative certificates to each author.

The publisher is pleased to announce that the Fritz Schaudinn Award 2004 has been given jointly to Kiyotaka Takishita, Kazuhiko Koike, Tadashi Maruyama, and Takehiko Ogata for their paper 'Molecular evidence for plastid robbery (kleptoplastidy) in Dinophysis, a dinoflagellate causing diarrhetic shellfish poisoning' (Protist 153: 293-302), and to Birger Marin, Anne Palm, Max Klingberg and Michael Melkonian for their paper 'Phylogeny and taxonomic revision of plastid-containing euglenophytes based on SSU rDNA sequence comparisons and synapomorphic signatures in the SSU rRNA secondary structure' (Protist 154: 99-145). The jury consisted of Members of the Editorial Board of Protist and two of the judges, Saul Purton and Iain Wilson, have prepared an account of the winning papers.

The dedication and hard work of the members of the judging panel is greatly appreciated.

Bernd Rolle, Publisher