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Protist 2018
Volume 169 · Number 6

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Protist Citation Classics


Seeing is Believing: Diatoms and the Ocean Carbon Cycle Revisited
V. Smetacek


Original Papers


Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals that the ‘Radial Centric’ Diatom Orthoseira Thwaites (Orthoseiraceae, Bacillariophyta) is a Member of a ‘Multipolar’ Diatom Lineage
C. B. Gargas, E. C. Theriot, M. P. Ashworth and J. R. Johansen


Fine structure and Molecular Phylogenetic Position of Two Marine Gregarines, Selenidium pygospionis sp. n. and S. pherusae sp. n., with Notes on the Phylogeny of Archigregarinida (Apicomplexa)
G.G. Paskerova, T.S. Miroliubova, A. Diakin, M. Kováčiková, A. Valigurová, L. Guillou, V.V. Aleoshin and T.G. Simdyanov


Phylogeny and Classification of Novel Diversity in Sainouroidea (Cercozoa, Rhizaria) Sheds Light on a Highly Diverse and Divergent Clade
G.A. Schuler, A.K. Tice, R.A. Pearce, E.Foreman, J.Stone, S.Gammill, J.D. Willson,
C. Reading, J.D. Silberman and M.W. Brown


Molecular Investigation of the Ciliate Spirostomum semivirescens, with First Transcriptome and New Geographical Records
H.N. Hines, H. Onsbring, T.J.G. Ettema and G.F. Esteban


Tridimensional Electron Microscopy Analysis of the Early Endosomes and Endocytic Traffic in Trypanosoma cruzi Epimastigotes
C. de Lima Alcantara, W. de Souza and N.L. da Cunha e Silva


Allobodo chlorophagus n. gen. n. sp., a Kinetoplastid that Infiltrates and Feeds on the Invasive Alga Codium fragile
J.D. Goodwin, T.F. Lee, P. Kugrens and A.G.B. Simpson


Xenophyophores (Rhizaria, Foraminifera) from the Eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone (equatorial Pacific): the Genus Psammina
A.J. Gooday, M. Holzmann, A. Goineau, O. Kamenskaya, V.F. Melnik, R.B. Pearce,
A.A.-T. Weber and J. Pawlowski


The Response of Three Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Species to Ocean Acidification and Light Availability: A Transcriptomic Study
S. Beszteri, S. Thoms, V. Benes, L. Harms and S. Trimborn


Erratum to “The Uncoupled Assimilation of Carbon and Nitrogen from Urea and Glycine by the Bloom-forming Dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum” [Protist 169 (November (5)) (2018) 603–614]
O. Matantseva, I. Pozdnyakov, M. Voss, I. Liskow and
S. Skarlato
Erratum to “Nutritional Intake by Ectoplasmic Nets of Schizochytrium aggregatum (Labyrinthulomycetes, Stramenopiles” [Protist 169 (November (5)) (2018) 727–743]
I. Iwata and D. Honda